• Another Masterpiece

    by Ranus Williams

  • Another Masterpiece is proud and excited to announce the winner of the first ever Cutest Pet Contest, Sabin! It was so much fun to have everyone involved in this contest and we'd like to thank all of the people who participated. We've had a bunch entries over the last 2 weeks that the contest was running, all showcasing the adorable dogs of our community. Our winner and his owner, Marsha, will be receiving a CUSTOM pet portrait to forever embody all of the love, happiness, and character that Sabin brings to his family. Excited to work on this new project and reward Sabin and his family with their prize. Stay tuned to see how the portrait comes out!

  • How Do I Do It?

    ...by looking, observing and letting my imagination take over!

    What Do I Paint?

    ...anything I can lay my eyes upon

  • Artist's Bio

    A Masterpiece is considered the work of an artist who has been absorbed by the spirit of his/her times and can transform a personal experience into a universal one. Masterpieces make you forget the artist, and instead direct your attention to the artist’s works. As an artist, I love to paint the things that align with my passions, from pets, people, abstract art, or architecture, my artwork means everything to me. The proud owner of “Another Masterpiece, LLC”, I thank God for giving me the ability to materialize my vision, mirror my soul and spirit, and expand that to the vision of the beholder.


    Proudly based in Birmingham, Alabama.

  • Gallery


    Vivid colors


    Females / Males / Groups




    Forest / Outside of Home

    Lake / Beach / Office / Historic Homes

    Custom Pieces

    Materializing the vision of the beholder

  • Abstract

    Vivid colors, shapes, lines, and form

  • Pets

    Remember the livelihood of your four legged family members

  • Scenery

    Beautiful scenery recaptured

  • Life Like

    Capture the beauty of your loved ones

  • Custom

    Custom pieces materializing the vision of the beholder

  • What Customers Have Said

    Customer Testimonials


    “I think you did a wonderful job.”


    “I love it. It’s everything Bro! I am so happy to have it.”


    “Love it. Love love love it.”

    Wayne & Sophronia-

    “The painting looks really good. It looks exactly like her.”


    “That’s perfect.”


    “I love it. I think it is perfect.”

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    Another Masterpiece by Ranus Williams